This is a true story about my mother

She married my father when she was still very young and had not finished her education. The marriage was illegal. She was married because she was kidnapped. She was taken to a man she had never met in her life. Imagine if the man was infected, badly behaved and all sorts, and of course it was not the man of her dreams.

This came as a result of my father’s older wife he had married who produced only one girl child and became barren. My father’s family blamed her and was confused if the wife was barren or if was my father with a problem. Therefore they had to get a wife for my father to confirm whether he can still produce and himself, he wanted more children.

Finally my mother gave birth to us in Entebbe. My mother was treated very badly by our stepmother because she was older than her. Therefore, our mother divorced and went back to her parent’s home in Mbarara. We, her children, remained with our father.

It was so sad and hurting that our stepmother did unbearable things to us. When I was four years old I urinated on the bed at night and my stepmother burnt my private parts with a knife. Imagine. At four years.

My father took us back to our mother’s place after my stepmom had destroyed my private parts. When we reached, our mum started crying after seeing us so messed up, malnourished, brown hair…oooooh! My mother was pregnant when she divorced my father but because she saw that we suffered a lot she would not abort anymore. She decided to come back to my dad’s place and that was the start of her suffering.

My mother is a woman that has borne pain that many women may not bear because of this generation and because of women emancipation.

When my mother came back to settle with the children at home, weh! My father did not give any support to her. She is more of a single mother because she never tasted the love of her husband. My father does not like her. All he does is pay fees for us, not forgetting that he left our mother to pay fees for one of my siblings yet mum is a housewife and has no source of funds.

My mother tried to live that life with prayers. She depends on milk to pay fees and gives us some upkeep because our father does not respond to our needs faster like our mother does.

Of recent, my stepmother is claiming that mum being in the village, she is enjoying a lot of fruits from cows, plantations etc therefore she thinks everything comes on a silver platter forgetting that good things are worked for. Therefore due to my stepmother’s complaints, my father divided property between the two wives.

What is so surprising and stupid of him is he is giving out our mother’s sweat to the stepmother who did totally nothing apart from sleeping, waking up, showering, sitting and depending on dad’s account as if she is a child.

But above all that, my mother still stands as a strong lady. She ignores. She is praying. She believes that at one time she will reap what she sows in us.

I appeal to ladies to stop being enemies with each other. It’s useless and increases on the gap of men abusing their rights. If my stepmother had co-operated with my mum, they would both be happy mothers but since they are divided there is no peace.

This is a true story. Not all that glitters is gold. If I were not afraid of coming out openly I would dare anyone to tell me this story is not well stated.


Mariam (not real name) is a 22 year old student of social works. She enjoys reading, writing, and music. She loves to sing. 


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