Do you give your school permission to kill your child?

As witnessed by curator Lindsey Kukunda

I was in senior one stydying at Our Lady of Good Counsel in Gayaza. One morning, a student irritated a teacher by not getting his points first enough.

I still remember the sounds of his slaps and punches. And when I say punches, I mean punches. On her head, on her back etc. Everywhere she wasn’t covering while shrieking, he was hitting.

She crumpled to the floor while he pulled up a bench and placed it in front of him. He then hoisted the girl up over his head, held her there for a few seconds while we all screamed, wailed and cried. Then he slammed her down across the bench. I saw her land across her back and shut my eyes. I couldn’t watch anymore.

When I opened them, he was barking at her to get up off the floor. She limped out of the classroom, wailing, cradling her aching lower back.

Thanksfully she did not suffer any lasting physical injuries.

As far as I can recall, the teacher was not expelled.


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