Just give girls a chance

The world makes a very big mistake to write off women.

God took a rib from man and formed a woman. The last thing I read was that Eve fed Adam something and both got banned from Eden. You cannot be serious. A woman caused man to leave paradise.

These days some laws in some parts of the world are clear. Boys are better than girls. Hardly too many cultures pay dowry for a boy to marry someone’s girl.

This would normally mean that the world would want more baby girls.

Instead, girls are aborted. Girls are prevented from going to school. Girls are treated like objects to be sold to the highest bidder. Read The Geisha.

Biology is dominated by women. So is engineering and astronomy. Do not even talk about nursing.

Margaret Thatcher was a woman.

Universities have women professors.

Cleopatra played you. So did Marie Antoinette.

Park Guen-hye.

May in UK is giving people sleepless nights.

Dilma Rouseff did her work too.

Hillary Clinton lost on some few things.

Some of the best international companies are run by women.

Men will always be ahead because they do not bear babies.

Four girls and my kids cannot get the same chances if they were boys? The price of ignoring girls will show up in your corporation, education and government.

After all, you were born of a mother. We are also strong. JUST GIVE GIRLS A CHANCE. Your mom carried you for 9 months in her belly and spent sleepless nights to raise you. Have you forgotten?

Saying you educated your daughter so that the groom’s family has to pay is forgetting that the boy’s family also educated their son. Or would like your daughter to marry a boy whose family spent no money educating him?


My name is Emmah Bwayo. I have two daughters: Charity Joahanah Bwayo and Vivian Daisy Bwayo. I love them. We have to strongly stand against domestic violence.



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