Here is a true & practical illustration of online violence

By curator, Lindsey Kukunda

I recently attended a forum on Internet Freedom where among others, online violence against women was discussed. At this forum, I realized that few people understood what abusive or insensitive comments are and as a woman who has gotten her fair share of both, I have decided to reproduce some of the most vitriolic to give readers an idea of what online violence can be.

I received the compliments below after I’d written a blog complaining about a bar popular with expatriates. I was refused entry into this bar in short because to the guards, I looked like a thief and a prostitute and I wanted ‘white men’.

So this is how some people reacted:

-Never been there. Never will. But, it speaks to your character too that you chose to ignore questions being posed by security. A simple “I don’t know anyone but I just wanna have a drink” wouldn’t have hurt. It seems pompous you decided to escalate the matter.

-I’m sure you are a well-intentioned young woman who only wanted to make people aware of your humiliation, but in the meantime created an issue MUCH BIGGER THAN YOU that you have spun out of control.

-I’m not quite sure what the purpose is of this article. It seems to be written in a state of rage, humiliation, and revenge. I can understand why. You were hurt, they treated you with disrespect, and judged you just by your outward appearance. However, (the bar) needs to check bags. You conveniently left out some details of your story, which if they were added, wouldn’t make you seem as much of a victim.
You have gotten your revenge on (the bar). Not only have the trollers out there given you more momentum, but you have accomplished the not so difficult task of having the Ugandan press, both legitimate and illegitimate to support your “cause”. Have you thought about the other people unrelated to this story that are being affected? The other employees of (the bar) who were not part of your story but now are suffering the backlash? Pictures, more articles of people that weren’t even there that day?
Of course you haven’t; the original and primary intent of this article was ABOUT YOU. You didn’t consider the outcome of something like this. Now that you are a popular figure, this blog maybe giving more opportunities for you to spread hate are you satisfied? Because as you speak more and more, those employees of (the bar), just trying to stay out of the publicity (unlike you) are trying to work and maintain their lives without harassment, again caused by you.

-And going by your polished language, I doubt self esteem is the biggest of your worries… you need to buy a life nyabo! you and your tramp brigade!

-what a rant… calm your shit down young lady. You look like a tramp, you dress like a tramp AND (by your own admission) you know it… then you shit bricks all over the place because security treated you like one??? it’s always easy to spot a low brow wannabe… tell me you ACTUALLY went back just to ‘hand it’ to security… real classy there missus!

-u deserved it..unpatriotic chap..just cause u have “class” doesn’t mean u hang out with whites

-read the article again you dimwit… it had nothing to do with colour… she just looked like a tramp! take your insecurities someplace else…. temutukooya!!

-Am all against racism……… But if you don’t want people to think that ur a ho don’t dress like one

-Seems that the lowest common denominator in these so called incidents is YOU. Take a long hard look at yourself. You go everywhere looking for trouble and when you find it you write your vindictive and abusive drivel which makes you feel slightly better about your pathetic little self. Get a life. You’re a despicable human being. If you put some energy into yourself instead of trying to destroy the names of others you might actually pull yourself out of the gutter.


                        And that is how women’s voices are silenced on social media




2 thoughts on “Here is a true & practical illustration of online violence

  1. So you’re saying that ‘soft and smooth’ women don’t get this treatment? You want me to be quiet pakalast to avoid your insults? Thanks for making my point.


  2. Feminists are funny. They are loud, controversial, say what they want and how they want, don’t care if what they say hurts anyone as long as they believe in it but still expect no one to disagree with them, say something that hurts them or even have a different opinion to them. It is simple – when you choose to be so opinionated people will bully you online whether you’re a man or a woman. This has got nothing to do with your gender or silencing you. You can’t play so rough and hard and expect everyone else to be soft and sensitive on you.


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