This is urgent: Give rape the respect it deserves. Now.

On Sunday September 25th 2016, The Daily Monitor run a story about a man who repeatedly raped a little girl after luring her with a promise of Ugx 5,000. He kept her in his house for days and violated her to his heart’s content until police searching for her found her in his room.

To digest the full story, please visit their site and type in the search bar “30 year old man detained for defiling 8 year old girl”. I’m only going to highlight a few sentences that stood out for me and that I’d like you, reader, to reflect on.

According to doctor’s report, the act left the girl’s uterus damaged, bleeding and was infected with HIV/AIDS: Her uterus was damaged. Will she be able to produce children? How life threatening is her current condition?

-the suspect promised to give Shs5,000 to the victim and he “used” her for four consecutive days: He did not ‘use’ her. She is not an object. He committed upon a child a violation that gives grown women nightmares to imagine. He raped a child for four. whole. days.

“-We are tired of such cases because they are rampant in our district”…out of the 10 cases reported weekly, four of them are said to be defilement cases: The quote is by the Mpigi DPC. Think about this sentence and what it means for not just the safety of the girl child in Mpigi, but the rising HIV rates being registered.

Mr Joseph Caleb, a district youth leader told this paper that many of the defilement cases are a result of negligence by parents and girls’ desire to get quick money.
“Parents don’t care about movements of their children especially in evening hours and remember, they need money to buy things like cosmetics, shoes and clothes. What do you expect from that?” 

If this isn’t misplaced blaming of the highest order, really I don’t know what is. Now the parents and the girl and other scenarios are responsible for what the rapist did.


Isn’t there a better way to stamp out this violence than telling parents and daughters to watch their behaviour patterns?


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