Gang rape by soldiers in Uganda? No big deal.

The Saturday Pepper of September 10th of this good year run a story titled “PANIC OVER NEW REBEL GENERAL”. It then had the sub-title ‘Gen. Katumba Wamala quizzes Gen. Mugisha’ followed by the more tantalising ‘Furious M7 shuffles SFC bosses, Brings Back Lethal Maj. Napoleon’.

I shall not expound on this story. The Red Pepper gave it more than enough space. What I want to do is reproduce for you the last paragraphs. Please note two things:

One – this bit of the story is relegated to the last few paragraphs, as a by the way. Two – it is written in a tantalising and seductive fashion, meant more to entertain than to inform.

I hope you’re ready for this. Here goes:

“Because they were loaded, they bought booze for everyone in the bar. When they run short of cash, they started paying for the booze using mobile money.

Later, when the booze took a toll on them, they ordered the men who were around to vacate the place within seconds but however told the girls not to dare move out of the bar.

The trio then descended on the girls and bonked them into pulp. Sources say that they even forced other customers who had booked rooms in the lodges around to come out of the rooms and take part in the sex marathon as they kept cheering them up.

Our credible sources at the bar says that the act could only be compared to one Sodom and Gomorrah. “The poor girls were bonked to threads by the three men but they feared making an alarm for fear of their lives”, a source said.

The soldiers reached the extent of breaking doors of the rooms of people who refused to open. “When they got tired of cheering, they joined the other men and massively bonked the girls who had been lined up”, a source said.

However, after the incident, some of the victims rushed to Bushenyi police station where they opened a case. Some of the girls who were bonked massively and are now nursing *cukovers include Allen ———— 23 years, Shivan————— 20 years, and Shiven —————–19, all from Bushenyi town.

Rape Cases.jpg

At Not Your Body, we chose to use only the girls’ first names

The police later tracked the three soldiers and nabbed them before they could flee to Mitooma for the big man’s function.

They were detained for two days. However, their colleagues later raided the place in a tinted mini-bus number UAW 746T and rescued them. They were driven to some unknown destination.

And there you have it. Any media houses that have the resources and morals to investigate the facts of this story further can follow the breadcrumbs.


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