Come here, you stupid woman!

I want to write this while the pain is still fresh.

I’m currently standing at Shell petrol station on Entebbe road. My heart is beating fast, I’m sweaty and I’m fighting back tears.

I was supposed to meet someone here but stopped at the wrong station just before. Realizing my error I started to walk past the taxi stage when a tout grabbed my hand and started to pull me to him.

Not to the taxi. To HIM.

“Fuck you!”, I snapped, releasing my hand forcefully. The next events happened in about 10 seconds but feel like 10 minutes.

All of a sudden, I felt a rush of movement as about six men begun to quickly close in towards me. I started to run and they were CHASING me.

“Come back here!”, they were shouting in Luganda. “Come back here you stupid woman!”

After a few seconds they fell away, laughing hysterically.

This was not far away from a spot where men had, in April, shouted at me for wearing shorts. This time I’m wearing a dress past my knees.

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