I wish the media cared more about their Ugandan girls

I live in an Arab country that I shall not mention for my safety.

But I need Ugandans to know that their girls are being treated like dogs and the sex trafficking is out of this world. I speak with many of them on the down low. The stories are usually the same. Arrive at airport, passport confiscated and to get it back you need to pay.

One girl has a debt of 3,000 Euros. This usually means she’ll die there. To be frankly honest, when most of these girls come over here, it’s a one way trip. I’m tired of seeing this. I’m tired of wondering what their embassies are doing to help them. It’s breaking my heart. I don’t know who to talk to at all, and wish the media could do the talking for me.

I made friends with a prostitute called Melanie. She was a pretty girl, working as a street prostitute – the worst job in the world in my Arab home.

Melanie’s gone now. I looked for her until someone told me she’d been arrested by the police. I think she could be dead. It’s normal you know, for girls to just die.

help me

Please sign this petition below to help organizations in this fight to #returnourgirlsug



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