You even have an ugly bum

I was in Kitintale when I passed a young woman who was being followed by a man. The look on her face told me this was not her brother or anyone she knew. I followed at a safe distance because of an inner voice telling me something was off. He was talking to her in a low voice and I couldn’t make out what he was saying.

Eventually she shouted, “Leave me alone!”

The man stopped, jeered at her and waving his hand with contempt in her direction he said, “You go! Who wants you? Your bum is even ugly”.


I’m grateful that the lady gave me permission to publish what I’d witnessed. I hope that the people who minimize how damaging street harassment is can see from this story that every part of the activity is wrong. The hissing, the shouting, the touching, the abuses and the threat of physical harm if girls or women fight back in any way. It’s not right for that to be their right.


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