I’m a long term resident and adoptive son of Uganda. As such, I’m very familiar with the culture and just as blind to its quirks as my Ugandan brethren.

However, as a man, there’s one quirk I’ve seen in many Ugandan men I just can’t get my head around. I try to understand it, but my instincts and upbringing simply don’t entertain the notion: Drunkophilia.

What is it, you ask?

Find me a regular Ugandan urban bloke aged 20 to 40 with erectile dysfunction. Forget psychotherapy or Viagra. Get me a drunken chick and see his bird stand up like Lazarus!Better trim off some feathers lest his bird actually fly away to the aroma of alcohol-laced vagina effluvia.


I mean WTF???!!! Or am I a pussy because the sight of a drunken woman is actually a turn off to me? It sends my bird in retreat like a tortoise in its shell.

If I actually liked this lady it would make me feel sympathy – try to help her. And I probably wouldn’t want to see her for a few days till the hangover of seeing her puke relented.

I’m not trying to take the moral high ground here. Believe me I come from a place with some really fucked up practices. But this DRUNKOPHILIA looks really bad from the outside.

If you agree with me, what do you propose to change it? And please don’t be lazy and go for the pitchforks.


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