I caused the accident, because I was a woman

Lindsey”, this woman told me. “You think you Kampala women have problems but you have no idea how bad it is for us here. Let me tell you this crazy story. But my job is sensitive. Please leave out my name and picture and even the region where I’m working”.

So this is her story:

I was working upcountry and it was time to go to the field with my driver, Richard. Unfortunately, there was a terrible accident and the car overturned, hurting children who were playing in the road. Immediately the villagers run to the car to see what had happened.

“Who caused this?”, they shouted. “Who was driving?”

Then a group of women saw me and I could not believe what happened next.

“It’s your fault!”, they shouted at me. “You were distracting him. You think you’re beautiful and can distract men to cause accidents here?!”

My driver Richard was out of the car sitting and waiting for police but I had to remain locked inside for my safety.

I remember that before I first got into the car, I had been wearing tight pants and boots. Practical clothes for work. But something told me to change clothes and I changed into a long red dress. I wonder sometimes – if I had caused the accident in my long red dress, imagine how more angry those women would be if I had worn pants.


When this lady told me her story, she said with deep confusion, “I don’t understand why my driver was safe, but the women wanted to hurt me. I still think about it and I don’t understand…”


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