My Uncle tried to sleep with me

I was around twelve years old and staying with my Auntie and Uncle when I came back from school one day. My Uncle was the only one in the house and he asked me to fetch him a glass of water. He was in the bedroom.

I knocked on the door and he told me to come in. I opened it and he beckoned me to the bed. He took the glass and placed it on the floor before taking a hold of my wrist and pulling me towards him. I was alarmed and tried to tug away while he kept pulling me.

“Uncle!”, I cried. “Let me go. What are you doing? What do you want?”

“You just come”, he said. “Come here and see”.

He then turned ferocoious and tried to grab me. I picked a bottle on the floor – I don’t remember what it was – and swung it with mighty force. It landed at the top of his neck under his ear, drawing blood. He let me go and I run out of the house screaming and crying. His son (in University) was walking in while I was running out.

I wandered aimlessly and sat down somewhere up to 10.00 pm. I was afraid of his reaction if I went back and I knew I would get no sympathy from my Auntie or my Mother if I told.

No one ever asked me what had happened.


Miriam is a young woman who grew up in an abusive household. Her mother is a police woman who once handcuffed her as a punishment. Miriam is also an unemployed struggling single mother of a one and a half  year old son after the father abandoned them. She loves her little boy and promises to never hit him because she wants the cycle of abuse to end with her. 

Editor’s Note: If anyone would like to offer Miriam a job, please send an email on ‘’. She is not technology savvy but owns a smartphone and is willing to learn new things.