I think my screams saved me from rape

Years ago on Easter Saturday at about 10.00 pm, my ex boyfriend called me and asked me to meet him and our mutual friends at Kyadondo Rugby Club for a night of partying. I lived in Naguru and decided to use a boda. I waved one down and told him where I was going and he told me he was going to use the short cut through Naguru so that we would get there faster.

 A few minutes into the journey, there was a power blackout and the entire place was pitch black. The boda guy then asked me, “What time is it?”

I took out my phone from the purse, checked the time and told him, “10:17”.

We rode for a few more minutes and the head light on the boda began going off and on. I asked, “Ssebo, what is wrong?”

He said, “I think the light is spoiled, let us stop and let me fix it.”

He stopped the boda and asked me to get off, which I did. It happened so fast I would never have foreseen it. He pounced on me with supersonic speed. I felt two strong hands around my throat squeezing life out of me. He was throttling me, while dragging me into the grass near the roadside. I was trying to breathe, trying to fight him and trying not to fall flat on my face. We got there and he got on top of me and began to tear my blouse like a man possessed by a demon. While he was doing this, I tried to fight him off me. He punched me in the face and I tasted blood in my mouth. I kept fighting back while screaming hard and he kept hitting me. He shred my blouse to tiny bits and I was left in my bra.

Throughout, I screamed so hard that I could hear my screams echoing in the Naguru Valley. All this happenned infront of someone’s house who had dogs. I could hear the dogs barking ceaselessly. No one came out from that house or from any other house in the wealthy neighbourhood despite the fact that they have guard dogs and security guards with guns. The irony.

All of a sudden, he got off me and went towards his boda. I assumed he was going to get some sort of weapon to keep me quiet. I screamed louder and the dogs barked louder. He got on his boda, head light now fully functional and rode off. I noticed that in the rush to get away he left his Lugabire (Tyre Sandals). I had a horrible feeling he was going to come back for them.

I stood up quickly and in the dim moonlight saw my purse in the grass. I was surprised since I thought he had wanted to rob me. I was now dressed in my jeans and a bra, in the middle of a part of Naguru I did not know. My sandals had been cut in the attack so I could not wear them. I grabbed them and ran barefoot, in the opposite direction of where my attacker had ridden off to, still screaming. I ran for about 30Meters and heard the sound of a boda engine a distance behind me. I knew, “Oh hell no, he is back!”. Did, I say it was pitch black?

I ran faster and screamed louder, dogs still with me, barking louder until a security guard got out from a palatial looking house and asked me, “What is it?”

I looked at him with a mixture of emotions. Relief that someone was going to help me. Fear, here is another man who may harm me. Embarrassment, I am in trousers and a bra only. I ran towards him anyway. I could not speak. He looked at me with shock and then heard the boda from a distance and asked, “He did this to you?” I nodded.

He had a small chair near the entrance to the palatial home. He asked me to sit down and looked in the direction of the oncoming boda. It stopped a distance away and the security guard asked me,

“What is he picking?”

I told him, “His shoes.”

The boda guy then rode off in the direction he had come from.

The security guard asked me where I stayed. I told him to please escort me to my place. He said he could not since he was at work. He told me to sit with him and wait until he saw someone he knew who would escort me to my place. While we waited he asked me what happened and was shocked at the boda’s audacity.

He then saw a couple he knew who escorted me to my place.

I could not sleep and when I did I had nightmares of my attacker. When I woke up, my chest hurt from the beating, I had dried blood under my ears from where he had dug his finger-mails while chocking me, I had bruises on my face and arms, my throat hurt so bad from all the screaming. I sounded like someone who had a bad cold for weeks on end. Most of all, I hurt deep inside my soul. Why?  It took me 4 months to be able sit on a boda, day or night.

I believe what saved me from being raped that night was that I screamed ceaselessly. When you are not in a position to fight back scream. It unsettles your attacker.


Esther Wambi is an Administrator for an Events Company. She loves cooking, great food, great company. She’s an awesome friend, loves dogs and cats, and looks forward to traveling the world someday