Assaulted by underaged boys

It was around midnight and a friend and I were at Kisementi complex looking for transportation home. We suddenly found ourselves being yelled at by a group of about 5 young boys. The oldest could not have been more than 12.

My friend, shocked, was about to walk on. I asked her to wait and I turned and walked to the boys.

“Why are you yelling at us?” I asked curiously.

“Oh sweetie!” They shouted. “We can give you some, sweetie!”

“Some what?” I enquired.

One of the boys grabbed his non-existent penis and wiggled it at me through his shorts.

“I can give you some of this, Sweetie!”

“Oh, some of that?” I said. “Yeah, sure. Let me see what you have to give me. Don’t just talk. Give it to me now with everyone watching!”.

One of his friends then grabbed my right buttock and the other grabbed my right breast. I was not prepared for such blatant public molestation from children. I beat a hasty retreat back to my friend.

By the time these children are a pack of rabid dogs hanging out to attack women in the late of the night before they hit puberty, heaven help us when they’re old enough and strong enough to overpower the poor female passing by them one night.


Lindsey Kukunda is a freelance media practitioner who believes (how rude of her!) that women deserve to move freely without fear of verbal or physical abuse simply for being born female. She also likes dogs, Audrey Hepburn movies and may have cried a bit when Gregory Peck died.