I have witnessed stripping in the old taxi park

On two separate occasions, I witnessed two women being stripped by a mob of men. I knew one of the women. Afterward, one of these women hawkers would give the stripped woman a lesu to cover herself. After seeing that, I learned an important lesson. The park is not safe if you’re wearing something short. If I’m wearing a short dress or shorts, I make sure I’m driving and that I’m not alone. The funny thing is, the men stripped the women only a few meters away from a bar that I know is full of prostitutes. The prostitutes were safe but those two women weren’t? I thought it was hypocritical. Also, I’ve realized that these men only abuse you for wearing short things in the daytime. At night, they flirt with you and want to have sex with you. A few times I’ve come from the beach at night and walked in the park in my shorts and the reaction is different than if I had walked in the daytime.


Caroline Namyalo is a jolly, talkative and outgoing lady. She is passionate about communication and marketing. She has a personal relationship with God and wakes up every morning believing to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.